Bringing new meaning to the term “family values”, these identical 16-year old Cree and French- Metis twins will get your feet stomping with their traditional Metis fiddle and contemporary music. With original songs and tunes from their favorite bands (Kodaline, Simon & Garfunkel, the Duhks) these boys will inspire and delight you. At such a young age their charisma and talent has taken them  from the Prairies to the Pacific to delight audiences with their unique style and sound.

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Cancelled Shows Leaves Time to Jam 

What a crazy time we find ourselves in these days. With many cancelled shows and adventures we find ourselves wondering like everyone else, when will this end and when will we get back to doing what we love. We were about to begin planning our 3rd record. We are spending our time jamming and trying new tunes. We will keep our fans close to our hearts and hope to see you all again soon.

Big Thanks and Looking Forward 

Double the Trouble recently had a fun photo shoot in the Exchange District in downtown Winnipeg. On lookers were delighted with the sound of fiddle in the alleyways and side streets of our great city's historic section. Big thanks to Dave Force who's been photographing the band for many years. 

The band is looking forward to performing at the Harvest Moon Music Festival in mid August, a show we've been after for a long time. There will be lots of friends performing there and we can't wait.

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